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Biographical information
Full name Scootaloo
Gender Mare ♀
Age 13
14 (The Birthing)
Species Pegasus
Occupation Young parent
Personal information
Relatives Firefly (deceased mom)
Sandy Hooves (foster mom)
Lightning Blitz (baby)
Production information
Voiced by ScootalooTheOtaku
First appearance Motherhood

Scootaloo is a Pegasus filly and the main protagonist of Motherly Scootaloo. She is voiced by ScootalooTheOtaku.


Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's #1 fan. Her first boyfriend pushed her to have sex with him, saying it would make her "cooler" so that Rainbow would notice her, causing her to get pregnant.[1]


Sandy HoovesEdit

Sandy and Scootaloo have a mixed relationship. In Motherhood, after Sandy tells her to be quiet she yells back and gets sassed out of dinner.

Rain CatcherEdit

Rain Catcher is Scootaloo's first boyfriend. In Motherhood, it's stated that after he gave Scootaloo advice, she was gullible enough to believe him. That is until she realizes she gets pregnant because of him. Later in the episode, before she slams her head into the window she complains about how she was his "personal little fu-".

Episode AppearancesEdit




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